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We represent the growing trend of busy bees in our country - dual working families, single parent, aging adults and everyone who is just trying to keep their heads above the water and enjoy this thing called - Life Moments.

As gen 1 or 2 immigrants we also worked our backsides to take advantage for the goods our country has to offer.  While we continued to climb the corporate ladder we refused the idea that we cannot have it all - we want a home, friends, and be promoted, kids and be able to spend time with the kids and be promoted, you know the Lean in types ;)


But can women really have it all - cough cough, a la Michelle Obama


Moms are the hardest working people we know and they had a solution for everything - my mom whipped out turmeric milk when I got a cough, to a warm yummy halwa on cold winter evenings, warm lunches for school - I mean moms are goddesses.  Things they did I can only imagine and be ashamed of my inability to keep up - because, I absolutely cannot miss that board meeting


So in this comically intertwined world of ours we decided there was something to ‘it takes a village’ - so we decided to tap that village to do things that they are better at - like cooking


eat better - live better OR it matters

time for self and those you love

unlock your food network

Preparing Eggplant
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