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Everyone tells you how delish your meatballs are, they cannot stop talking about your dessert whipping skills. If cooking is an art, you are the artist we are looking for.


For generations our parents and grandparents have filled our kitchens with aromas of those secret family recipes - beer battered fried chicken, veggie dumplings, strawberry tartes and so much more… yum! We believe one does not need to go school to make a finger licking marinara or aloo gobi - all you need is some inspiration, passion, and an audience that can admire and applaud the awesomeness you bring to their dining room.


Tell us your story and what you love cooking—we will be delighted to connect you with hosts who will be grateful for your skills. 

What's the fine print?

You're in good hands

Kora is all about YOU, and building your community. We got your back.


How much will I get paid? 

Our gaol is to maximize what you get paid and ensure this platform can help you stay connected with hosts and introduce you to new ones.


Does the host have all the essential ingredients?

We will work with you and the host on the meal plan and shopping list to ensure the kitchen is stocked on or prior to your arrival.


Will the host be home when I cook?

They may or may not be home when you arrive, but they are expected to leave instructions for you to access the home and their kitchen.


What if I need help with communicating with the host?

We are here for you, we will work with you and the host to plan the meal and set expectations ahead of time. 

Cooks FAQ
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