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A qualified cook will work with you on meal planning*, use their art to personalize and prepare up to 3 mains and 2 side dishes.  They will provide you with an ingredient list so you can stock up your fridge. They will store the final meals in your containers for you to enjoy with your loved ones.   


You can expect your kitchen as you left it, or better, and a fresh meal to be enjoyed over a couple days, and did we forget to add, ALL that extra time to not fret, fight, and hustle over what’s on your dinner table...  


*Meal planning includes agreeing on dishes you want prepared and building an ingredient list you will need for the cook.


We hear ya!

Here are some more details to ease your beautiful mind... 


Is the cook a certified chef?

No, but neither is my mom and seriously, she is the best cook on this planet. Period. But rest assured. Our cooks have life experience cooking, and have been vetted through a background check.


Do I need to be home? 

It’s yours, so feel free to lounge at home, but if you rather go to work or have a la-di-da time, you do just that! You can leave notes for dos and don'ts, things you like prior to the visit.


Will they be using my kitchen utensils?

Yes, they will be using your utensils to cook and containers to store. We will request you show them via pictures or in person where to find the essentials for the 1st time around. If you have a sentimental piece you do not want them to touch - make a “Do Not Touch” list. 


Who does the dishes?

Aaah.. you?  Don’t worry! Our cooks have been trained to leave the kitchen just as they found it - that’s right, so don’t leave them a mess. 


Do I need to stock the fridge with all ingredients?

Yes, if you can. If that is just not your thing, and you still like to eat at home, don’t sweat it! As part of meal prep we will work with you to build an ingredient list you will need to shop for prior to your cook’s arrival.

Host FAQ

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