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Are you craving a home cooked meal?

At Kora, you will find talented cooks to whip up tasty meals at your home, made exactly the way you like, using ingredients you love.

Why Kora?

Imagine getting 3 hours* of your week back​...

...every week! What would you do? Take a nap? Read a book? Call a friend? Teach your kid to bike? Hit the gym?

Kora allows you to do just that. 

A home cooked meal can be hard to put together with long work days, kids' soccer practice, or just being tired, so let Kora help you with that! When you join the Kora community, you will find cooks who want to share their passion and expertise of cooking, so you can enjoy the flavors and benefits of eating at home.


Do you have allergies or dietary preferences? No problem. List those in your profile and your cook will be able customize the menu to your needs. 

*That's 156 hours a year, 6.5 given back to you!!!

Why Kora?

How it works?

Create a profile

Tell Kora a little about you. Indicate your cuisine preferences, dietary needs, allergies, and who we are cooking for.

Select a cook

Look through the list of cooks in your area. See some dishes you like? Request a booking with that cook, choosing date, time, and menu.

Provide ingredients

After the cook confirms the booking and shares the ingredient list with you, make sure to have everything ready for the cook's arrival.

Tasty food is whipped up in your kitchen 

Cook packs up the meals, and leaves the kitchen as clean as they found it.

Eat  Enjoy  repeat

Enjoy your meals with loved ones, without breaking a sweat. For more yummy meals, book the cook again, or try a new cook.

How it Works?


See what you're paying for

We maximize what cooks earn

Kora Signature Package

Payment to cook


Service Fee

For background checks, communication, payments, and recruitment





Are Kora cooks certified chefs?

No, but neither is my mom and I think she is the best cook out there! Our cooks are people who love to cook and are good at it! And they have been vetted through a background check.


What kind of food to Kora cooks make? 

We strive to have a diverse community of cooks who can cook a variety of cuisines as well as a knowledge of different dietary preferences such as specific allergies, low fat, keto, paleo etc.


Do I need to be home during the session?

No. Hosts provide home access information to cooks through the Kora platform. Once the booking is confirm, this information will be made available to the cook 24 hours prior to the their arrival.


How long will the cook take to prepare a meal?

Cooks take approximately 3 hours to complete a booking session. 

Who brings the groceries?

Today our hosts are responsible to ensure all ingredients are in the kitchen upon the cook's arrival. But don't fret! We will email you a shopping list as soon as you finalize a booking and menu selection! We got your back.

Will the cook do my meal planning for me?

You have 3 options. You can choose "a la carte" and select up to 3 mains and 2 sides. You can choose "Cook's Special" which is the cook's recommended pre-fix menu. Or you can "Order off menu" in collaboration with the cook via Kora's communication tool.

Do I need to do food prep?

In most instances, the cook will do all the work during the session. But if you select a dish that requires advance preparation, you will coordinate that with your cook.

What equipment should I have in my kitchen?

A cook is expecting a working kitchen and a cleared area to work on. Consider items like a full set of pots/pans, some small appliances like blenders and processors, and storage containers.

How far in advance will I be able to book?

You can make a booking up to 4 weeks in advance. 

What if I need to cancel?

We require a minimum 24 hours cancellation notice. Late cancellations that come within 24 hours will be incur the full charge, and the cook will get paid.

Why do I pay a service fee?

The service fee allows Kora to run background checks, digitize payments, streamline communication, and continue to bring new cooks to the platform.

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