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Kora is building a community around food

Whichever side of the kitchen you belong to, we believe this creates a win-win for everyone

I'm a host


I'm a cook

Kora is my aspiration to make homemade food easy and accessible in the busy life I live. This means more time for family and friends, and doing things we love, while nourishing our body and mind with tastes and flavors of home.

Kora provides a platform for me to share my experience and talent in cuisines and diets with those seeking them, while gaining the opportunity to make money doing what l love, when I want.

The journey so far...

Feb-May 2019

Within the first 24 hours of our facebook post asking for test participants in Kora, we received



       20 host applicants


40 Cookings

8 Families

5 Cooks 

The hours clocked on WhatsApp connecting families, planning menu, and facilitating the cooks' arrival made us numb and we agreed this was a SCALE challenge, not SUPPLY or DEMAND.

apr-oct 2019

       We brainstormed, debated, and then some more. We sought advice from our resident tech Yoda, friends, family... and anyone who was willing to give us their ear). "Can Kora be SCALED?"


  • a thought out product design

  • development for Kora begins

  • incorporation and operational setup. Good God, that was a process!!

oct 2019

        Kora is live with cook onboarding. Cooks can now:

  • authenticate and sign up

  • build a marketable profile 

  • input availability and menus

  • set their payment info

  • pass a background check to become an active Kora cook


  • target 28 zip codes in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • educate potential cooks to build successful profiles

  • Onboard. Onboard. Onboard.

Nov 2019-MAY 2020

        Kora is live and open for business. Hosts can now:

  • authenticate and create a profile with food preferences

  • search for cooks in their area

  • digitize booking, payment, reviews, and feedback

  • communicate with cooks


  • 1000 cooking sessions

  • Focus on repeat %

  • Build feedback and review loop into product development

JUNE 2020

        Build and Expand


Sky's the limit!

How it works

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