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Showcase your skills by adding dishes to your menu. The more options you have, the more likely a Host will find dishes that they crave!

Get some of your favorite recipes ready, and let's upload those onto your profile.

  • First create a simple, short name for your dish - something that a Host will easily recognize! Then mark it as either a main or a side. 

  • Next, provide a brief description. Use enticing words such as "delicious", "warm and cozy", "crispy and tender"...

  • Now add all the ingredients for those dishes so the Host can shop and have them ready for your arrival. The amount of each ingredient is important so the Host can buy enough. Don't forget to include any kitchen tools you will need or prep work for the Host.

  • Pictures speak a thousand words. Menus with photos get more bookings. So don't be shy about uploading beautiful images to your profile. A nice bright background will make your dish pop! Don't worry if you don't have one yet... you can always add it later.

  • And lastly, SAVE your menu!  Save as you go. We don't want you to lose your work. That would be sad. 😥So make sure you click SAVE.

Need more help?

Watch this video or contact us at We are happy to walk you through writing your menu or answer any of your questions. Happy Cooking!

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