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Imagine coming home to this.....

I am thrilled to kickstart our pilot. Kora connects families with cooks from within the community. These cooks bring their experience and expertise across cuisines to make home cooked meals in your kitchen. Each, personalized to your taste and preference.

Our first cook Nima, a dear friend and our children's caregiver for the last five years whipped these finger licking meals for our customer Z. Our customer loved the experience and meals enough that we were invited back to her kitchen for 5 straight weeks. Earlier this week Nima made her specialty #vegetarianmomos with mushrooms, peas and tofu and and #stirfry with side of aromatic jasmine rice. To get your imagination going she cooked a variety of middle eastern foods #couscous #roastedvegetables #quinoalatkes and a few Indian dishes #palakpaneer #curriedeggplant #alooparathas.

It was hard to muster courage both for her and me to get this up and running. We got a group of friends and friendly conversations going and got this started. We are learning a lot through this journey.

Last week we on-boarded 3 more chefs. These wonderful çooks are artists, su-chefs, leaders who inspire me because of the risk they are willing to take to try something new and lend their expertise in making delicious Japanese, Chinese, American, Nepalese, Indian and Mexican meals for our next round of test families

Fill the host form if we want to participate in our pilot and have someone come create this experience for you or your loved ones. Also know, we are humbled that you'd allow us into your homes and learn from these sessions

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